Launching the campaign

For a job.

I sort of hate the word “job” though. It implies unfulfilling labor. I want to work with a team where I truly enjoy what I do, where  I can say: I love my “job.”

This is the start of an all-out effort to find you, the “job.”

My little blog will primarily consist of information about me that hiring teams might find helpful. But I’ll be honest. I’m probably going to throw a lot more stuff on here because I’m a big fan of a cohesive online presence. For better or worse, you should get a solid feel for whether I’m a fit for your team. Let’s just hope that people don’t dislike guys who love travel, music and great food. Because this blog will probably have a healthy helping of that stuff too.

I’m Matt.


P.S. If you’re looking for more concise/comprehensive information, check out my LinkedIn page!


One thought on “Launching the campaign

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